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Popcorn Ceiling Removal and Repair

Popcorn ceilings have been around since the 1950s and were widely installed up until the 1990s, and are still used today, but not as much. Removing popcorn ceilings is a very messy project to do yourself, with many steps to complete it. Bradshaw’s Painting has year of experience with popcorn ceiling removal. Some popcorn ceilings are removed easily, some are more difficult, especially if they are painted popcorn ceilings. 

We offer two options for popcorn ceiling removal… the wet method and the vacuum method. Both are similarly priced and take about the same amount of time. The type and condition of the popcorn ceiling, along with the room contents and construction, help us determine the best ceiling removal method. 

Give us a call to talk about your popcorn ceiling removal needs and schedule a time for your free estimate.

  • Ceiling knockdown
  • Popcorn ceiling removal
  • Popcorn ceiling painting
  • Ceiling repair and painting
  • Wood rot and drywall repair

Popcorn Ceiling Project Before & After Photos